Koto-Note Pool

KotoNote Pool(コトノートプール)



Pool Info

This pool is a mining pool of domestic virtual currency Koto. Koto is adopting CPU specialization algorithm Yescrypt, and you can also participate in mining with home PCs and smartphones. It is a new anticipated encryption currency born in December 2017.
The usage fee for this pool is currently 0%.

Koto Pool Config
最小払出/Minimum payout: 0.1
支払間隔/Payment interval: 120
手数料/Fee: 1%→0%(Limited)
サーバー/server: Japan
Koto Pool Stats
38 Workers
286.13 KHash/s (Now)
Network Hash/s: 5.27 MHash/s
Difficulty: 40324.98874152211
Node Connections: 68
Update Information
11/06 NetworkHash chart更新のお知らせ(詳細)
10/26 障害発生と復旧のご報告(詳細
10/13 NetworkHash chart更新のお知らせ(詳細)